Detox Day 3

Morning: for whatever reason I woke up at midnight. I went to sleep at 8:30 and woke up at midnight, wide awake. I stayed up until about 3:30 then went to sleep. When I woke up at 5:15 and felt groggy. I drank a juice and took my chlorella and spirulina. Again, like yesterday and Monday, I woke up not feeling hungry. I made two smoothies for today. I think having just the straight green juices was why I caved. Not having enough variety. I also felt a little nauseous after drinking my juice this morning. So I drank a lot of water.

Afternoon: I had my fruit smoothie and mixed in raw vegan protein powder, mornings powder and took my chlorella and spirulina. Still not hungry and I think the smoothies really helped with that. I know I won’t cave today. I only drink two juices and two smoothies a day now so I can make it through Friday. Again, five days was the goal and though I slipped up once yesterday, I can still accomplish this. I had a serious cleanout at the time it was time to get off work. Felt like my entire system was being scrubbed clean. Though it didn’t smell fowl. Smelled of the juices and smoothies, which is good, that means despite eating yesterday, I am still detoxing. 

Evening: had my final drink of the day. Had another bowel movement and like I said before, it smells like my juices and smoothies and idk if that’s a good or bad thing, though I would think it’d be a good thing indicating my intestines and colon are clean and not harboring any dried fecal matter or waste. 

One thing I’ve learned in these three days is not having cooked foods in the morning is working well with my body. Having cooked food later in the evening may be best. 

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