Detox Day 5 and Final Thoughts

Friday was my last day of my detox and I got so busy preparing for Saturday that I forgot to post. I broke my fast that morning with my chia seed pudding. It was amazing. I made hemp milk for the first time and it went amazingly in my pudding.

For lunch I had guacamole and cucumbers. I wanted to keep this most of this day light and raw simply because introducing cooked foods to quickly can mess up your stomach. For dinner, I had a Mediterranean bowl from Verts which I will be doing a review on.

The most important thing that my detox taught me was discipline. I really have to put my mind to it. I will be doing another detox once school is out and I am not working. I feel that with being home over the summer more, I will be able to stick to it and not be tempted by the smells of food.

Another thing it taught me is that when I have bowel movements, they should not smell as foul. They should have some odor but not to where it’s just vile. Now, my bowel movements smell like what I eat.

If you have tried a juice cleanse or something similar, let me know how that worked for you, or if you recommend one that I should do.

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