The Perfect Mate

I had quite an interesting conversation with a friend earlier today, a very close guy friend. He made me realize something about the kind of man I should be with. Aside from him being black, vegan, pro-black, conscious and plays no games, I also need someone who suits me, someone who is just as big an introvert as me, someone who can give me the space I need, yet still be there within distance. As an artist, we require a lot of space, yet I can still be really clingy and needy. 

I need someone who will support me in my freedom and not want to have me under his thumb and try to put me in a box because I fit in none. I have always thought about the different characteristics I wanted my King to have but never the important stuff that will allow me my individuality and freedom. I think we get so wrapped up in how we want our partner to be and never think about how we want them to be when it comes to us. 

As an artist, it would make things more simpler if my mate were an artist as well. We do well by ourselves but together, we create magic. When it comes to vocalizing my feelings, I don’t do that very well, which leads me to poetry and journaling. To have a love affair with a writer would be magical. I want someone who has his own stuff going on, that he’s not always hounding me about what I’m doing.  I want us to be together but still have that individuality we had before, not letting the relationship change us to where our sole focus is the other person, letting our lives drift away and now our lives only consist of making this person happy, taggin along as they live out their dreams.

Yes, I know that there is no such thing as the perfect mate, but can we at least pretend for a moment. What does you perfect mate look like?


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