Why & How I Got into Blogging/Vlogging



Nowadays it seems like blogging and vlogging are all the rage. Everyone wants to be a blogger and everyone wants to be a vlogger. I however stumbled onto this journey about 7 years ago as a requirement for one of my journalism classes in college.

I knew I always wanted to be a writer, whether it be an author, screenwriter, journalist or columnist, even a combination of all four. Writing has always been a passion of mine. You know as kids everyone wanted to a be a doctor, lawyer, astronaut. Not me. I was always that one kid that had to be different. Guess you can say I never was a follower.

My class in college was all based on having a blog and each post was for a grade. So basically if you posted, you passed, if you didn’t you failed. It was a pretty easy class. After graduation I kept it up, but not for much longer. I kind of let it die a slow death, just like journalism. ( I wish someone had told me that was dying field.)

Once I picked it back up, I knew that news was not my niche. I was good at it and it was gaining great traction, but my heart wasn’t in it. Fast forward to today and I am now a proud owner of a health and lifestyle blog, where I talk about everything from being vegan, black, a minimalist, a traveler, a thrifting fashionista, hair care and so much more. I am even a chef and personal grocery shopper (only on camera though, not in person lol).

I’ve transformed my blog into something that is meant to help others and inspire others to live a healthy and simple life, that doesn’t involve breaking the bank. Did I also mention I am documenting my ‘get out of debt’ journey? Yep, check the “Blog” navigation link above.


I took photojournalism in college and in that class, I was introduced to Final Cut Pro. I don’t have that program now but I will by December 31 (speaking it into existence). I fell in love with editing videos and creating motion pictures. (No I have not thought about being a videographer, well, maybe a little.) When I started my YouTube channel, I had no idea what I was in for. I started with just recording and uploading videos. Now I add text, music, voice overs, photos, mashups, transitions, the whole 9. I do not have a camera (I use my iPhone and iPad) or studio lights, but as my channel grows, my quality and equipment will too.

I can’t tell you how many hours a day I watch YouTube. I’m watching it now as I write this post and wait for the video that goes with this post to download. Multitasking at its finest. But I watch YouTube a lot to see how I can do better quality and content wise. I want to know what people are watching, what they are interested in. As a black woman, you are somewhat expected to do hair tutorials, makeup tutorials, and clickbait ratchet ass story time videos. I do not identify with any of those except hair tutorials, but that’s limited to the kind of hair products I use and how I apply them.

I knew that I wasn’t going to be your typical black female YouTuber. I wanted to be more and I am more. I have so much content on a variety of things. I love doing reviews for places, products and apps. I love sharing information that I have and also answering questions that you all ask. I want to feel connected to my subscribers and give them what they want, and this also goes for my blog.

Final Thoughts

So, in conclusion, this is how and why I got into blogging and vlogging. It was all by accident and never intentional. But now, now it’s my life and passion. If you are a blogger or vlogger, how did you get into it? I would love to hear your stories.



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