Becoming A Digital Nomad – 5 Reasons To Quit Your Job, Sell Everything & Move Abroad

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Digital Nomad – The Location Independent Lifestyle

The term “digital nomad”(or the phrase “location independent”) refers to people who have discovered how to make a living online simply with a laptop and internet connection. A digital nomad is someone who isn’t confined by office space, office attire or office politics. Digital Nomads make their money online through blogging, affiliate marketing, social media, ebooks, coaching and a host of other resourceful methods.

More people are working online, either for themselves or as a remote employee. With thousands of blogs, books, and guides out there, more people are realizing how to make this dream a reality.

If the monotonous routine is getting you down, if you look back at your last five years and think ‘what have I actually done in that time’, then it’s time to shake it up. Here are five reasons why you should become a digital nomad:


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