Harvey, No, Not Steve

Living in Houston, or Texas for that matter, hurricanes and tornadoes are inevitable. This past weekend, we experienced hurricane Harvey. What started as a tropical storm, turned into something catastrophic for many. At landfall it had strengthened to a category 4 hurricane and ripped through Corpus Christi and stalled over San Antonio and Austin. It brought tornadoes to north and west Houston, leaving some people’s houses in shambles. Babies were born and some airlifted to DFW (Dallas/Ft. Worth). It was tragic but many only lost their homes and not their lives.

I ended up going to my parent’s house and we lost power on Saturday. They went to buy a generator and we were able to have power for both fridges and the fans, as well as the toaster oven to reheat food. The power came back on around 5 p.m. and we kept up with the news, charged phones and did other important things that needed to be done incase it went back out.

Watching the damage on the news made me realize how grateful I am and how much my family means to me. Though we live north of Houston and received no damage, it could have very likely gone a different route. To those affected by the storm, I’ll keep you in my prayers. To those who weren’t affected, you are truly blessed.


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