Monday Motivation

I was talking to my cousin on Saturday about the goals I had written down in 2016, that had come to fruition in 2017. As I was talking about my goals, she started talking about some things that she had written down that came true, and she then realized that she had been writing down goals. It was at that moment that I realized why I write my goals down and why more people should too.

She asked me once I have written them down, do I throw them away. I don’t. I keep them and then write a new list for the next year, just shorter. It helps me to keep track of things that I have already accomplished. It helps to look back on the past year and the list for that year, and to see how much I have done and how hard I have worked. I think most people don’t know how much power there is in writing down their goals.

Now I will be honest, they way you write your goals down, 9 times out of 10, they wont happen exactly as you had expected them to. For example, I wrote that I wanted to become a full time writer and instead, I am a full time writing teacher. See how that worked? I get to teach 4th graders about writing, my favorite thing to do in the world. I would’ve never thought that that was something that I would be doing. Not only that, it’s full time. The universe works in ways that we can’t understand, but it works for us and knows how to enhance our goals. 

I challenge you to write down your goals for the upcoming year, then, around this time next year, look back at that list and think about all the things that came true. I promise this works. I want you to share with me next year how this helped you and what goals came true. 


4 thoughts on “Monday Motivation

  1. lifewritez says:

    I truly enjoyed this post, I think there is a ton of power im writing down your goals. It makes it concrete, and tangible. I went over my journal last year, and realized wow, I have accomplished so much for 2017! Your right it didn’t show up EXACTLY the way I planned it, but it didn’t come up short either. Beautiful post!

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  2. Mimshe says:

    I do mine in the form of a written vision board. I started one in January, most of the things I have written have come to fruition. After reading your post, I’m going to take another look and see where some of the other things have shown up in my life that I may not be paying attention to.

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