Veganism, Minimalism, and Spirituality

I was listening to a podcast the other day (Minimalist Moms) and they were talking about minimalism and spirituality. I consider myself a spiritual person and that more so came to light after my transition to being vegan. When you realize that all these animal products, processed foods and fake foods are not needed to … Continue reading Veganism, Minimalism, and Spirituality


Day 4 Detox

This morning I was super hungry but I had my smoothie and went about my business. I had a second smoothie for lunch and then for dinner my last juice. Did not experience strong bowel movements, kind of back to normal. I will be easing off my fast tomorrow starting with chia seed pudding. The … Continue reading Day 4 Detox

Detox Day 1

Morning: When I woke up, I began drinking my first juice, taking my chlorella and spirulina tablets. I got an instant boost of energy. My juice contained kale, spinach, Swiss chard, rutabaga, cucumbers, apples, moringa, and black walnut oil. I had had a bowel movement before drinking the juice. I drank it throughout getting ready, … Continue reading Detox Day 1