Case of the Ex

Always wish you exes the best. Why? Because when you become a better person and experience insurmountable growth, they will have been the ones who lucked out. They’ll need your well wishes once they see how they fucked up.

Tap into Her Ocean

Kiss her neck, suck her nipples, lick her stomach, nibble her thighs, drink her tsunami.


The leaves have fallen, the temperature has dropped. The days are shorter, the nights longer. Every morning I wake up, I see your face and am glad I can spend this time of year wrapped in your warm embrace.

It’s Not Love

If it was as easy to leave them as it was to love them, then you never loved them to begin with.


I made my choice, but it was too late. You had already made yours.

Yoni Control

You reached your peak, I clinched my walls around you, making her tighter to make your penetration and release more intense. You finished, I released you, and kissed you, hoping you were ready for round two.

Magnetic Attraction

I didn’t choose you, you didn’t choose me. The creator created us, and the universe chose our souls to attract each other, like opposite ends of a magnet.

Fairy Tales are Real

Your words light a fire in my soul, your eyes hold untold stories, your smile brightens the darkest of moments, your ears hear everything unsaid. Your voice calms even the most wicked of storms, your heart holds the power to heal all wounds, your spirit is the glue to piece me together, your attentiveness makes…

Distant Love

I lie awake at night thinking about you and if you’re thinking about me. We’ve never even met nor have we ever spoken, but I feel as connected spirits, we knew each other in a different life time.