Ruffles Green

Before I tell you about my experience here, let me just say that the best part of eating out as a vegan at a non vegan restaurant, is that your food comes out fast and is prepared fresh. Now this restaurant is located in The Woodlands and if anyone knows the area, you know its … Continue reading Ruffles Green


Review: Sambuca 

This was a really nice restaurant with a warming, intimate atmosphere. They have live music, friendly staff and a beautiful outside seating area.  The main thing I didn't like was their lack of vegan options. I could only eat the sides because most everything is premade, though I don't want to eat anything premade that's … Continue reading Review: Sambuca 

Proclaim Professional Care: Review and Wash Day Routine I am not a product junkie, therefore I don't typically go out and buy products for my hair. I normally use the Aussie Mega Moist shampoo and conditioner and pre-poo my hair with coconut oil the night before. However, I have been binge watching wash day routines and figured it was maybe time to … Continue reading Proclaim Professional Care: Review and Wash Day Routine